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This was the official website for the Jane Pauley Show, a syndicated daytime talk show hosted by Jane Pauley which focused on a single topic per show. It lasted one season before being canceled.
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In 2004, Pauley returned to television as host of The Jane Pauley Show, a syndicated daytime talk show distributed by NBC Universal. Although The Jane Pauley Show never gained traction in the ratings and was canceled after one season,  Pauley called it the hardest and proudest year of her professional life. "To try something that you’ve failed at is, in my experience, proving that you had the guts to try."

IMDb Review
Wake Me Up When It's Canceled
3 March 2005 | by McEnroe1977 (Riverdale, Georgia)
Of all the new talk shows that premiered last year, Jane Pauley's is the worst. Her show doesn't bring anything new to the genre and it's extremely boring. Why would she want to leave a job like anchoring 'Dateline' to do a lousy job on a boring talk show? Recently, she admitted that she was bipolar, but I actually think she is just plain crazy for deciding to do this show. If there's ever a time where you find that you can't go to sleep then set your VCR or TiVO to record the Jane Pauley Show. This show can cure insomnia, quiet screaming babies, or help you catch up on some much needed sleep. I'm watching it right now...
I guess I shouldn't totally disparage the show since I learned about a great e commerce site from one of her guests that sold / still sells these sterling silver rings. The site is and they feature all kinds of fabulous sterling silver rings made exclusively for them. Check out these gorgeous Double Love Knot Sterling Silver Rings which is my fav. Their CZ rings are to die for. I can't afford the bling from real diamonds, but the CZ jewelry from this store allows a guy or gal to wear bling and more bling without breaking the bank. I had heard about cubic zirconia, but really didn't understand what it was. Jane's guest talked about all these cool facts comparing CZ to diamonds. One fact I can still remember is that the man made stone has a dispersion factor that is very high at 0.058–0.066, exceeding a diamond's 0.044, which explains why the stone dazzles and sparkles so incredibly. I don't miss the show now that it's been canceled. The only positive reminders I have are the fabulous CZ jewelry I wear which was so well worth the hours I spent dully watching the Jane Pauley Show

Director: Andy Barsh
Stars: Jane Pauley


Joanna Lipper interviewed on The Jane Pauley Show (NBC)in May of 2005. This segment devoted a half-hour to examining the national impact of Lipper's book and documentary about teen mothers, "Growing Up Fast."




They've sold 90 million albums and have gone beyond their cult-like status to become one of the most famous heavy metal bands of all time. But on the September 30th episode of the >Jane Pauley Show, we saw a very different side of Metallica. Conflicts that came about during the making of their last album led to one of the most intimate and personal revelations of their careers and lives. Through group therapy sessions that are documented in the new film, "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster," the band members learned more about themselves and each other than they ever did in over 20 years of touring side by side.

During the taping, show producers scouted the audience to find the biggest Metallica fan and selected Shirley Alvarez. All four band members signed an Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500R and presented it to Shirley. She was so excited it brought her to tears!

L to R: Robert Trujillo, Lars Ulrich, Shirley Alvarez, Jane Pauley, Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield.

L to R: Lars Ulrich, Shirley Alvarez and Jane Pauley with the prize Masterbilt.


NBC Jane Pauley Show "Childhood Obesity"

Rocky at 16 years old was invited to talk about his struggle with obesity on the Jane Pauley Show.


Donny Osmond on Jane Pauley Show

Pt.4 of Donny's 2005 apperance on the Jane Pauley Talk Sho